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  • Logistics

    In the field of intelligent logistics, we always insist on providing the most cost-effective products and reliable services for our global customers. Our products cover from logistics, communications, new energy, electric vehicles and etc.Our logistics business model includes intelligent logistics solutions; integrated customization and system integration; standardized and non-standard equipment OEM &ODM; international large-scale integrator equipment localization and customization.Colibri adheres to principle of good faith. We promise to provide advanced total solutions with R&D, manufacturing, project management and after-sales service for all our customers. 

    We pride ourselves in making our customers feel valued! 

    Logistic Tools

    We are committed to developing a new type of electric, intelligent, portable and reliable logistics handling tools. With these we can minimize the work loading and improve the efficiency. Our products include stair robot, electric handcart, and intelligent picking cart. Meanwhile, we also provide customized R & D, specification retrofit, batch delivery, system building and other customized services to meet the needs of various application scenarios.

    Electric Stair Robot

    The Colibri Electric Stair Robot is designed to solve problems with heavy cargo handling. The specifications is the best among global like products.

    Our spare parts can be adapted to a great number of various scenarios. We already have many national patent certificates for our products, which have been well recommended by other clients. The products launch cover 37 provinces, cities and regions across China. We also provide 24/7 after-sale service nationwide.

    Maximum load is 140kg

    Applied in li-battery which can provide circulation dynamics

    Folding design and portable

    Easy to use and reliable, and secure the safety of user and cargo

    Multiple operating mode which is suitable for different habit

    Various spare parts which meet the needs of all-weather

    Easy to maintain and ensure the long-term use

    The aftersales service points covered through the whole nation




    Intelligent Logistics

    System integration is one of our core services for our customers and a great technical advantage. Relying on the support of multi-dimensional technical integration capabilities and the top strategic partners of the industry; we provide a one-stop service for handling, sorting, packing and stereoscopic warehousing. This includes the hardware/software and after-sales service for the overall logistics.We will provide the best solution based on we understanding of the customer’sneeds and analyze the data on the previous field mapping and actual data. We will provide a powerful data management system and support for your logistics and warehousing management with our own MES and WMS systems.


    Linear Shifting Fork Sorting System

    Colibri flexible sorting system is suitable for all kinds of small and medium sorting scenes and allocated objects. It is the first flexible sorting system of this kind in China, and has been awarded a number of national patents because of its advantages of a low cost, high efficiency,simple & rapid layout and adjusting. Compared to traditional manual sorting, Colibri's flexible sorting system is more efficient and intelligent, more cost-effective and flexible. Along with this system we are also about to customize the hardware and software according to the customer's process and site conditions. 


    Automation line of packing & filling & labeling (integration of module and standard equipment)


    E-commerce Box Opening and Handling (Planning, Emulating, Integrating and Software Development)


    Intelligent Terminal


    Colibri has always focused on the future development and application of logistics. By focusing on the progression of the internet and intelligent logistics we have been able to develop our intelligent logistics terminal equipment such as AIR mobile robot and 3-D storage cabinet. We believe this will bring different industry 4.0 products to you and the industry. 


    AIR mobile robot

    Transportation is currently progressing from traditional artificial and belt conveyors to AGVs. However, the traditional AGV has many problems, such as: complex settings, many additional materials, limited applications scenario and lack of multi-vehicle interaction. Colibri AIR uses the world-leading SLAM laser navigation technology to overcome these problems. The benefits of this include:


    ·    Rapid layout without any ground construction

    ·    Route planning and adjusting is easy

    ·    Multiple security protection (active & passive obstacle avoidance), safe and efficient

    ·    Independent suspension and differential steering are suitable for all kinds of complex scenarios.

    ·     Modular design, simple and convenient maintenance


    Service of equipment and system integration

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