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  • Communication

    Colibri has amassed extensive experience and understanding of the needs of our customers in the communications industry, especially in the production of mobile phones. Many of our customers have adopted automated assembly solutions to increase production capacity and ensure precision when building their mobile phone and tablet devices. Colibri is able to provide fully automated solutions for dimensional and appearance testing, functional testing, overall product testing, and assembly, based on our customers’ production process.


    Colibri has extensive ODM experience and provides complete turnkey processes, which can drastically increase project results, providing customers with products that meet their requirements for immediate use. Furthermore, our strategic service point layout and efficient manpower allocation enables rapid production and communication so that we are able to deliver the expected results to our customers on time.


    In addition, we are committed to ensuring IP protection for our customers; Colibri implements approved internal agreements and strict control over patent design, processing, and production information.  For example, we have implemented strict confidentiality measures for customers in the mobile phone industry. 

    Colibri's reliable security system can guarantee that:

    • All confidential information relating to the projects can be transmitted securely between Colibri and our customers through SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

    • Only authorised personnel are permitted to our offices and production areas.

    • Sensitive information is only disclosed to our employees when necessary.


    Colibri is a leading company in the industry with a great reputation. Our good track record is the reason why our customer base continues to grow rapidly.

    Automated Machining

    Mobile Phone Camera Test Machine

    Perform up to 12 types of tests on mobile phones, including button, sensor and other fast tests; rapid die switching for compatible 4-6 inch smart devices; immediately increase in efficiency and product quality.

    Touchscreen Assembly Machine

    Attach touchscreen on mobile phones; machine vision will position the touchscreen automatically before it is attached.

    Mobile Phone Logo Application Machine

    Load, unload, position, hot press, cold press, pull, detect, sort and spray logo onto mobile phones automatically.

    Mobile Phone Auxiliary Material Attachment Machine

    Feed foam automatically; overhead machine vision positioning, high-speed foam attachment; compatible with 4 types of materials.




    Precision Machining




    Critical Technical Parameters:
    1. Multiple precision holes, with tolerances for diameter & true position within 15 microns.
    2. Tolerances for parallelism & perpendicularity at 10 microns.



    Critical Technical Parameters:
    1. Multiple precision holes, with tolerances for diameter & true position within 10 microns.
    2. Tolerances for 6 outer surfaces & main pocket to be within 10  microns.


    Critical Technical Parameters:
    1. Micro-bearing housing hole with tolerance of 5 microns.
    2. Eccentric hole with true position tolerance of ±
    5 microns.
    3. Limiting angle with profile tolerance of 
    5 microns.

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