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  • Automotive

    Colibri provides automated solutions for the automotive industry. Our customizable equipment can help customers assemble and test automotive parts, including motors, clutches, air compressors, and air conditioning. 
    For the Automotive industry, Colibri specialises in: 
        • ABS Motor assembly line 
        • Power-seat motor assembly line 
        • Sunroof motor assembly line 
        • Field coil assembly line


    Colibri has been working closely with many automotive companies. We have provided customised solutions for them and the results are telling. Our machines feature innovative technologies, such as an automated jig that is safe and simple to operate. One of our strengths lie in the ability to switch quickly between products which ensure efficiency and minimise downsize.



    Automated Machining


    Motor Assembly and Testing Line Assembly Line for Automotive Compressor Clutch


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