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    Establishing Zhongshan Colibri Automation

            Shenzhen Colibri Technologies announces a new subsidiary, Zhongshan Colibri Automation Technology Co. Ltd on 16 December 2016. Marking this day with a groundbreaking ceremony held in Zhongshan City, Village of Torch Development Zone. Present for this remarkable day was Chairman, Phua Lee Ming, General Manager Peng Shao Dong, Deputy General Manager, Liu Shao Ming, Director Lin Zhen Lun. Alongside the top management of Colibri was Mr. Zhang Jian Hua, Cui Heng He Hui District Management Committee Director & Mr Liu Rong, Emerald Investment’s director. 
            Xue Ya Hong Appointed to lead Zhongshan Colibri Automation, led the team in inaugurating the event with a golden shovel in hand. This was then accompanied by the traditional lion dance & celebrations.

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